Application Service Provider of Inmarsat D

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Message from the founder
After 30 years career in Japan Radio Company., Ltd (JRC) I started the company at age of 55. Since I was sure the great potential and asset of world first Inmarsat D+ terminal that was produced by JRC. Sales wer started very slowly in JRC, however more than 2,000,000 unit are used all over the world nowadays.
On the side of main trend in the world that drives toward speeding-up and massive data communications, small data communications have a role. Inmarsat D terminal communicates short data only though, the merit is attactive, small light-weight, low-power consumption, reasonable price, one fix communications charge applies all over the world. We are working to put them fully to practical use and create the niche market in cooperation with creative partners. My attention is rerurning the courtesy received from companies, customers, work mates and society during my previous career with all our staff.


Company Name SKY-FIX COM JAPAN LTD./td>
Telephone number +81-80-3121-0968
Fax number +81-44-733-0736
President Goro Usui
License ASP Authorized by Japanese Government
Date of establish March, 3 2005
Our business
  1. Inmarsat D+, IsatDataPro(IDP), supply, application development, programming and airtime of satellite terminal
  2. Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) hardware and airtime
  3. LRIT Test and issue certificate

Company history

2011 November
Received Bulk Radio License by Japanese Government
2011 June
Authorized ASP License by Japanese Government
2008 September
Authorized Distributor with Pole Star U.K
2007 July
Authorized Distributor with Skywave (Now Orbcomm)
2005 March
Established Sky-Fix Com Japan
2002 September
Authorized Distributor with Satamatics (Now Honeywell Global Tracking)
2002 May
Established Sky-Fix Com S.A. (Panama)